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A Trusted Moving Company

When it comes to all-things related to moving, Mayflower has been one of America’s most trusted moving companies since 1927. We have helped relocate millions of customers for nearly a century. As a leading moving company, Mayflower is dedicated to providing our customers with a world-class experience.

How do we do that? For starters, we want your move to be as easy as possible. We strive to make each customer aware of the moving process and will work to communicate a personalized plan to help ensure that you move goes smoothly.

What Makes Us One of the Best Moving Companies

  • Packingstorage and convenience services, like cleaning and debris pickup
  • Moving coverage
  • Dedicated customer service
  • Transparent pricing
  • Flexible basic, full-service and add-on options
  • More than 90 years of experience in the moving industry
  • Handling your move from beginning to end
  • Nearly 200 agents all across the country
  • Unparalleled trust and communication during your move.

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A Moving Company That Understands Your Needs 

Moving is a stressful time.

How do we know?

We have been moving customers’ belongings to their new homes for almost 100 years. We’ve gained a lot of insights and experience that many other moving companies simply do not have.

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We understand that when you select a moving company, you expect the move to be professional and timely.

We know that our customers already have a lot on their plates and we strive to help them manage their moves from start to finish, by building custom moving quotes, helping customers determine which moving services they need, move coordination throughout their moves and a wide variety of moving tools, tips and resources.

If you’re looking for a moving company in your area, click here for our movers directory and select your state and city. You can then see all of the Mayflower agents in your area, view customer reviews and see contact information and hours.

Advantages of a Moving Company

When a move involves crossing state lines, it’s typically considered an interstate move. If you're planning an interstate move, we recommend looking into trusted moving companies such as Mayflower.

Reasons include:

  1. Nationwide movers have the systems & technology to keep you in the loop throughout your move.
  2. Experience is paramount; these companies have been involved with interstate moves for decades.
  3. All paperwork and documentation that is required by law to have a moving company go across state lines should be handled by your professional moving company. Protip: ALWAYS ensure that your moving company follows FMCSA's regulations that grant authorization for interstate moves.
  4. Nationwide moving companies typically have a network of local agents across the country that help meet the moving needs of customers moving near or far.
  5. Constant communication will save you hours and days of stress. Our goal is to be with you every step of the way.

We don’t recommend hiring local companies with little experience in completing interstate moves.

At Mayflower, we take pride as America’s most trusted moving company. In doing so, we strive to do whatever we can to understand the unique needs of your move.
If you plan to move locally, we recommend looking for local movers in your area. Search our movers directory and select your state and city. You can then see all of the Mayflower agents in your area, view customer reviews and see contact information and hours.

Understanding how moving costs work

Each moving company has their own method in calculating moving costs. Nothing is worse than getting a moving quote and then having to pay thousands more than what you were ‘quoted’.

At Mayflower, if you prefer, you can start off with a ballpark quote to get a feel for the estimated range in cost. Then our experienced moving representatives will plan a visual survey to ultimately give you a definitive quote.

Start Your Next Move With Mayflower Today

Our moving company offers a plethora of services that are catered to your needs. For a full list of our services, please visit our moving services page or contact us today at 877-720-4066 to request pricing or a quote.

We are with you every step of the way, from beginning to end. Let Mayflower handle all of the stressful items of your next move so you can focus on your day-to-day without distractions or unnecessary stress!

Long Distance Moving

long distance moving and storage services

Mayflower Transit is federally licensed to provide long-distance, interstate moving services to residents and businesses moving across state lines.

Cross Country Moving

cross country moving

Mayflower Transit is prepared to provide cross-country moving services to residents and businesses moving across the US.

Interstate Moving

state to state moving companies

Mayflower has the proper federal authorization to offer moving services across state lines.

Residential Moving

household moving services

With convenient locations serving every major area, Mayflower agents are proud to serve the residential moving needs.

Small Moves

small moves

Our small moves service "snap moves" makes it faster and easier for those 'smaller moves' that require fewer resources.

Military Moves

military moving services

Mayflower is committed to providing military families and government employees with the best service possible.